About Us

Perfection, excellence, innovation, enthusiasm, aesthetics, competency and reliability. these are the founding values of OZON VITRIFIED TILES company. OZON is one of the most dynamic and predictive brand of the ceramic region. The company carries the vision to care world class soluble salt vitrified tiles with fine NANO POLISH TECHNOLOGY.

Company has an in house R&D department where in continuous research is done in designs, quality parameters about vitrified tiles. We have built a reputation for delivering high quality products to our customers. Company has recently launched Wonder Series vitrified tiles which has various color printing with fine nano polished technology for customer's expectation ands satisfaction. Production department has excellent terminal performance with quality. Here quality matters because in Henry Ford's world that "Quality means designs it right when no one looking".

We have different types of technologies. They supplies the material complies with the required performance parameters : the through body dyed vitrified provides the out most strength and can be used universally

Our vision is to take of the high market belt and improve the quality of life of its users through the concept that the vitrified products is not a simple surface material, but a determining furnishing element for the aesthetic result of every environment